Intense Brazilian Keratin Acai Anti-Volume Treatment

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Nutraliss Intense Brazilian Keratin Acai Treatment

Available Sizes: 8.4oz and 33.8oz

Nutraliss Intense Brazilian Keratin Açaí Treatment is a extreme powerful, fast, easy to use and multi-functional anti-frizz treatment. 

Reduces hair volume, strengthens hair fibers, restores shine, health and natural balance with an amazing long lasting smooth effect.

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  • 8 oz
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Nutraliss Intense Brazilian Keratin Açaí Treatment effectively nourishes, hydrates and reconstructs dry, frizzy and damaged hair. 


Long lasting smoothing up to 120 days
Suitable with any type of chemical treatment
Indicated for all hair types
Does not change hair color
Instant action
Exclusive Nutraliss Professional's technology

Powerful blend

Intense Keratin

Nutraliss Intense Brazilian Keratin Açaí Treatment contains a powerful blend of special organic bioactives, urea, Açaí and wheat germ extract buriti that nourishes, hydrates and reduces hair volume and frizz while recovers hair fibers.

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