Classic Collection Keratin Maintenance

Classic Collection Keratin Maintenance



This Kit Contain: Salt-free Shampoo 8oz + Conditioner 8oz + Leave-In 8oz + Mask Treatment 8oz + Argan Oil Serum 2oz

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This Kit Contain: Salt-free Shampoo 8oz + Conditioner 8oz + Leave-In 8oz + Mask Treatment 8oz + Argan Oil Serum 2oz

Kerarganic Keratin Shampoo Maintenance: Winner of best shampoo for coarse hair in Singapore, KERARGANIC SALT & SULFATE FREE KERATIN SHAMPOO is not just a regular shampoo, but a conditioning shampoo. In its concentrated formula and free of the abrasiveness of salt of regular shampoo, it gently cleanses the hair without removing nutrients. Packed with organic and other natural extracts, oils and essential amino and fatty acids and vitamins it conditions and moisturizes the hair as well. The presence of hydrolyzed keratin – the protein the hair is made of – mends and repairs damaged fibers. And Argan oil revitalizes and prevents future damages. An added feature of KERARGANIC SALT & SULFATE FREE KERATIN SHAMPOO is UV protection, obtained through a specially designed combination of specific ingredients.

Kerarganic Keratin Conditioner is a rich combination of natural keratin and the potent antioxidant and vitamin packed Argan oil from Morocco. Combined with an array of essential amino and fatty acids, vitamins, and natural extracts, our KERARGANIC POST-TREATMENT KERATIN CONDITIONER will further repair damages by adding lost nutrients and keeping your hair hydrated and manageable. You will feel the difference!

Kerarganic Keratin Conditioner Leave-in also an award winner in Singapore, has a unique formulation of the finest ingredients which when applied to the hair it softens and detangles it. In spray form, it allows micronutrients to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft thus continuously energizing and beautifying the hair throughout the day. Natural oils such as from Argan and sunflower seeds provide softness and brilliance. As with our Keratin Shampoo, it also protects the hair against harmful UV rays. Designed to replenish essential nutrients the hair normally loses in daily living, KERARGANIC® ULTRA MOISTURIZER LEAVE-IN KERATIN CONDITIONER will keep the desired suppleness and beauty of the hair – and a delicious fragrance. An added feature is its capability of protecting the hair during ironing, which will afford the hair extra shine and softness.

Kerarganic Intensive Treatment Mask has been designed to strengthen hair from inside out. Used weekly, it maintains the hair’s health, softness and brilliance. Our KERARGANIC INTENSIVE KERATIN TREATMENT MASK is a unique complex of keratin amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin protein, hydrolyzed soy protein, sunflower seed extract, camellia leaf extract and the vitamin packed Argan oil grown in Morocco. We have carefully formulated it to penetrate the depths of the hair shaft to nurture each shaft, keeping the hair hydrated, replenishing essential nutrients normally lost in the day to day living. In addition to strengthening the hair and giving it manageability, it promotes an enviable silky and shiny look.

Kerarganic Argan Revitalizing Oil: A best seller in our line, KERARGANIC® ARGAN REVITALIZING OIL is a serum formulated with pure Argan oil from Morocco. Known as Moroccan gold and miracle oil, Argan oil is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids with the power to rejuvenate damaged hair, making it extra smooth and shiny. Applied regularly to the tips of the hair, our KERARGANIC® ARGAN REVITALIZING OIL heals split ends and prevent further splitting. It is also an effective thermal protector which can be applied to the hair before use of straightening iron.

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