Nano Repair Salt-Free Shampoo +Nano Repair Conditioner Set

Nano Repair Salt-Free Shampoo +Nano Repair Conditioner Set


Nutraliss Nano Repair Shampoo +  Nano Repair Conditioner

Available Sizes: Liter

A special formula developed for chemically treated hair. Nutrallis Nano Repair Shampoo gently cleans while deeply nourishes and hydrates hair. Sodium free and low pH formula.

Nutraliss Nano Repair Conditioner regenerates, hydrates and deeply nourishes hair fibers.

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– Nano-regeneration of damaged hair with silky touch and instant results
– Nano-replacement of protein mass
– Complete dispersion and absorption of nano-particles
– Frizz, volume, reduction and perfect sealing of the cuticles
– Balance, silkiness, extremely natural and healthy effect
– Improves long lasting of smoothing