Soft Strip Wax Liposoluble (500ml/16.9oz)

Soft Strip Wax Liposoluble (500ml/16.9oz)


Starpil’s original soft strip wax formula is a timeless classic that removes both fine and coarse hairs with a single application.

Our soft waxes are ideal for speed waxing as it allows multiple large areas to be covered simultaneously without the wax drying too quickly. No stickiness for easy clean-up and suitable for all skin types & full body waxing.


Product Benefits:

    • Semisolid form
    • Applicable with a spatula
    • Removable with cloth strips



    • Natural Bee’s Wax
    • Azulene
    • Microcrystalline Wax
    • Colofonia
    • Rosin Ester with Glycerin
    • Antioxidants and Pigments



    Insert wax can into wax warmer and set temperature to highest setting (60c/70c). This will allow wax to reach its first fusion point. Lower temperature to 40c to get suitable for hair removal. Apply a thin layer over skin with spatula in the direction of hair growth. Place hair removal wax strip on surface and pull against direction of hair growth.


Weight 1 oz
Available Colors

Blue, Natural Honey


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