Roll On Wax Cartridges

Roll On Wax Cartridges



Available: Natural Honey, Blue Azuleno, Aloe Vera, Rose Pink, Seaweed, Chocolate

Our Roll-on system is very hygienic. There is no handling of wax. It’s a more comfortable method of depilation applied at low temperature. Practical, with no dripping, also economical. Once finished, it can be easily disposed. One cartridge is good for up to four legs. This product is ideal for large areas like legs, back, chest and arms. No other systems works quicker when it comes to applying wax than the roll-on cartridge.



Simply insert the roll-on cartridge within the Starpil roll-on warmer to begin heating the roll-on wax for 20 minutes. Once the roll-on wax has melted to full liquid form, simply remove the seal on the roll-on cartridge then roll the cartridge directly onto a removal strip, so that the wax has completely covered.

Product Benefits:

  • Easy and fast application
  • No dripping or sticky mess
  • No roller cleaning kit necessary
Weight 3.8 oz
Available Colors

Aloe Vera, Blue Azulene, Chocolate, Natural Honey, Rose Pink, Seaweed


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